Who is behind Sweets & Squats?

Anouare Abdou is a lifestyle journalist from Montreal, Canada. After completing her bachelor’s degree in multi-platform journalism at Concordia University while covering stories for publications such as Urban Expressions (the Montreal Gazette), Student Health 101, Dress To Kill and TheRichest, she decided to put her content producing skills to use in a project of her own: Sweets & Squats.


Anouare’s fitness and healthy living journey started over eight years ago. Throughout the years, her body went through ups and downs and her mindset too. From being chubby and out of shape to getting too skinny for her frame and from counting calories obsessively to binging on cookies, achieving balance was a struggle. Today, her definition of a healthy—and happy—lifestyle includes both sweets and squats. She finally found a compromise between enjoying her social life and wearing a bikini proudly–and it doesn’t involve deprivation or guilt. Her fitness knowledge, workout wardrobe and booty got bigger in the process.

Anouare was also a video host for the online TV show and culture blog Whats’Up Montreal?.  She is now an editor at AskMen, the No.1 site to help men improve their lives.

About Sweets & Squats

What you will find: Articles and videos on topics related to fitness, healthy living, style and happiness.
What you will not find: A one-size-fits-all approach to healthy living, a substitute for medical advice.

Be fit

Because healthy is the new skinny.

Eat well

Because eating is one of life’s greatest pleasures.

Look good

Because flaunting your hard work in cute outfits is totally acceptable.

Feel happy

Because feeling good on the inside is also a priority.