Getting ready for a beach getaway the lazy way: Day 10 Blog

Hi ! Here is a quick recap of what I ate today.



I made plain oatmeal with unsweetened vanilla almond milk, raspberries and a banana. I added half a scoop of vegan protein powder in it (make sure you use extra liquid) after cooking for extra staying power.

I have done that in the past with other brands of protein and it was really tasty. But I wouldn’t do it again with this one, or maybe I would do it with even less than a half a scoop. It gave my oatmeal a chalky texture and a strange, artificially sweet taste.

I only ate half since I didn’t really enjoy it.


This is the granola I have been obsessed with and it ended up being my mid-morning snack, my lunch and my afternoon snack combined. I had it with plain, non-fat Greek yogurt and went back for seconds. I probably ended up eating a whole cup of granola so it filled me up for the rest of the day. Granola is a calorie-dense food so watch your serving size. Do as I say and not as I do 😛


My bf and I went for drinks and a bite at Ye Olde Orchard, an English pub downtown (there is also one in NDG). I ended up having half of the beer. I love white beer with an orange slice. The orange slice MAKES t. Make sure to drop it in your glass.

I wanted a burger AND a poutine so I happily obliged.



I only had half of the poutine. Once the cheese is gone I lose interest.

It’s the weekend !!! Enjoy your weekend and make sure to be back on Monday 🙂

What are your easy tweaks and lazy tips to stay in shape and enjoy the foods you love the most? I would love to hear from you in the comments section so don’t be shy and come out and say hi!



Anouare Abdou is a freelance journalist from Montreal, Quebec.

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