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Good evening, So I had white wine and a cupcake for dinner today. Let me explain!

I was invited to the Sid Lee Land meet and greet event, hosted by the renowned marketing agency Sid Lee.  Sid Lee Land is the summer internship program of the company. This was the most surreal job interview I have ever had the chance to attend.

Imagine yourself arriving to a warehouse in an industrial area. People are lined up all the way to the end of the small, Old Port street. You wait in line and enter a garage door to find yourself in a big open space featuring minimalistic but creativity-inducing design: A few colourful lounge chairs on an elevated platform and a vintage claw machine stand out. You hear a DJ spinning and you see purple lights coming from another section in the back of the room.

After checking-in with Sid Lee staff, it’s time for happy hour. Did I mention cupcakes and wine? You mingle with hundreds of talented and creative people that work in fields ranging from audiovisual production to marketing strategy. You hear a bell announcing that you will be part of the next group of people to get speed-interviewed. You have seven minutes to make an impression.


Guests line-up to enter the Sid Lee Land meet and greet event in Montreal.


Sid Lee Land is Sid Lee’s summer internship program. Prospective interns are invited to the meet and greet happy hour event.

Cupcakes at the Sid Lee Land meet and greet event.

Cupcakes at the Sid Lee Land meet and greet event.

Colourful balloons adorn the ceiling and contribute to the festive atmosphere.

Colourful balloons adorn the ceiling and contribute to the festive atmosphere.

I am really glad that I was selected to attend the event and the experience was an exhilarating challenge. I also made new friends!

Because I am still riding the post-interview high, I am just not hungry for anything else. So this was my vanilla-cupcake-for-dinner story. And the cupcake was worth every empty calorie (Actually, cupcake calories are not empty. They are filled with love). It was the perfect balance of light and moist cake topped with whipped, airy frosting.

Let’s backtrack to breakfast, which was more sensible:


I mixed plain, non-fat Greek yogurt with a teaspoon of honey and proceeded to submerge two whole grain waffles with the mixture. I topped my creation with sliced strawberries. It deceptively looked like whipped cream. But it still tasted really good and didn’t involve a blood sugar crash.

I did a 20-minute cardio workout on the elliptical to ease my nerves. While working out is good if you want to fit in your jeans, maintaining your sanity is an even bigger motivation to keep doing it. It makes a huge difference in terms of managing stress.


This is the gym in my building. It does the trick in a pinch but I prefer getting out of the house to exercise. First of all, I push myself harder knowing that I take a trip to the gym for the sole purpose of exercising. I want to make the trip worth it. Second of all, I enjoy seeing other people pushing themselves and working hard. It motivates me to work harder.

So to avoid the “hamster-effect” boredom during my elliptical session, I increased the incline and resistance every five minutes and broke a good sweat.



In another news, this snack was a fail. A burnt, protein-pancake mess.  I don’t want to talk about it.


I grabbed a Java U wrap for lunch. If you are a sushi lover like me you will enjoy this. The California wrap features imitation crab, carrots, cucumbers, avocado and spicy mayo.


What a crazy day! It’s time to relax for a bit and hit the sheets.

See you tomorrow Sweets & Squatters! Sometimes cupcakes for dinner happen and if you ask me, life is too short to worry about that. It’s the big picture that counts 🙂

Anouare Abdou is a freelance journalist from Montreal, Quebec.

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