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Hello. Are you ready to see more pics of restaurant meals? I am very grateful that I am able to dine out so much. It’s a huge part of my lifestyle and that’s how I learned to manage my restaurant habit and my waistline.

I keep my breakfasts and snacks healthy most of the time. And sometimes I just eat small snacks throughout the day until I go out for dinner. I will rarely have a heavy lunch AND a heavy dinner. I just think in terms of the big picture. You can have it all, but perhaps not all in the same day and in the same meal and without moving an inch. Sometimes my compromises are as small as opting out of having a meal that contains cheese for dinner when I know that I had cheese in my sandwich for lunch. Trust me, it makes a difference in the long term.

I had a bowl of plain oats with unsweetened vanilla almond milk,  raspberries, cinnamon and a bit of honey for breakfast. It has a weird colour because of the cinnamon.



I was running errands and grabbed Dagwoods for lunch: A small tuna melt sandwich on whole wheat bread.  Tuna salad can be fairly greasy, a healthier option could have been turkey or chicken breast. For an even lighter sandwich, skip the mayo (opt for mustard instead) and the cheese.

After working for a bit I had a gym date with my boyfriend. I was exhausted and tempted to skip the gym but knowing that I had confirmed gave me the motivation to drag myself out of the door. The hardest part is getting there! Besides that, I have never met a workout I regretted. And sometimes I end up having kick-ass workouts even though I initially felt tired.

I bought a small coffee on my way to the gym because I felt very sleepy and wanted that caffeine pre-workout kick. I made the mistake of not planning ahead and realized that I was feeling kind of hungry. And I don’t like exercising when I am hungry , I am not able to push myself as hard.

As a result of my lack of planning, I went for a cookie (it’s better to plan healthier snacks in advance so you don’t get tempted by junk food by the time you are already hungry and craving nothing but carbs and sweets). I had about three bites of an oatmeal cookie. It gave me energy, especially with my coffee.


Here is what I did:

3 sets of assisted pistol squats (i used the top of a bench to hold myself at the end of the movement)

3 sets of good mornings

3 supersets of barbell glute bridges combined with hamstring drops

3 sets of reverse flys

3 sets of close-grip pulldowns

I had a Liquid Nutrition shake after the gym.


The Vital Recovery smoothie is made with a double dose of vegan chocolate protein, strawberries, goji berries and an Omega 3 supplement.

Later in the evening I met my mommy for dinner and we went to Le Pois Penché. Since we are regulars, they often greet us with glasses of bubbly on the house.


I had one piece of bread. Because I am making efforts I stopped myself at one. Every small effort makes a difference, never forget that! I don’t care what any clean-eating adept says, it’s better to eat one piece of bread than to eat three, period! Maybe it’s better to have no bread at all, but I don’t want to because it’s one of my favourite things.

Life is too short to feel deprived. And I am not overweight, my body fat percentage is in a healthy range. Ditching black-and-white thinking helped me avoid going through periods of binging and restricting, which is a cycle that does more damage to your body than just eating what you want in moderation.


Because last night’s meal was heavy (half a bottle of wine, red meat and dessert) I stuck to soup and fish for dinner today and didn’t order another drink. I kind of think about my health like a bank account. I am budgeting between my unhealthy food consumption and my healthy intake.


Cream of turnip soup. If you are looking for a healthier option, it’s better to stick to broth-based soups. I am sure this had added cream 😛


I had halibut and veggies for my main. It came with a creamy lemon sauce (once again, watch out for sneaky creamy and buttery sauces if you are trying to be a bit healthier than me). But generally, if you enjoy fish, it’s often a safe healthy bet when ordering at restaurants (unless it’s fried).

I skipped dessert even though I was tempted. I know when I absolutely NEED dessert to feel satisfied and when I won’t miss it. Of course I could have it every day. But that’s not always optimal for my health. I keep a balance between eating for pleasure and eating for health by thinking about the big picture but also by thinking twice before eating something.

Do I REALLY want it? Sometimes I do, sometimes I could do without. You have to pick your battles. And pick them wisely. If you are going to have something unhealthy, it better be DELICIOUS! Eat it mindfully and enjoy every bite, you will probably need less.

Good night!

Anouare Abdou is a freelance journalist from Montreal, Quebec.

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