Getting ready for a beach getaway the lazy way : Day 20 Blog

I forgot to have coffee this morning and only realized after a few hours of feeling unusually sluggish. Who am I?! How did I forget to have coffee when it’s been part of my routine for years??

It all started with my new, apple cider vinegar morning habit.  I usually stick to water (and wine) for my beverage of choice but I decided to try mixing the vinegar with apple juice to make it more tolerable to drink. I thought I bought unsweetened apple juice but it says cider…I really hope there is no alcohol in this.


It concealed the taste of the apple cider vinegar very efficiently and the sweetness gave me an instant energy boost. I decided to start my morning with a quick cardio workout and to eat breakfast after. If you know you have a crazy schedule, try to exercise first thing–it will most likely not happen later and you will be glad you did it.

I did a no-fuss, 20-minute workout on the elliptical. I’ll be on the beach in less than two weeks so I am trying to exercise every day even if it’s only for a short amount of time. I have also been walking everywhere, I probably walk for an hour a day.

I made breakfast and forgot to make coffee because of the little change in my routine (I usually prepare coffee as soon as I wake up).


Yesterday I bought a whole wheat baguette to make my boyfriend a sandwich for lunch. I already knew that I would be having baguette and eggs for breakfast this morning. I love leftover toasted baguette for breakfast! I scrambled two eggs (no egg whites for this girl, hate them) with a bit of butter and topped the bread with more butter and organic fruit spread (a tad healthier than jam).

I had a smoothie for lunch: Chocolate almond milk, banana, all-natural peanut butter, low-fat frozen yogurt and spinach. I added the extra spinach because I have trouble eating enough greens and veggies and figured I would sneak the extra spinach in my smoothie. It didn’t taste like spinach but it did have a funky colour.


I snacked on a Kashi bar while working.


I have family visiting from Europe and so many dinner outings planned! Tonight we had sushi at Zenya.


I had one piece of tuna nigiri and one piece of salmon nigiri.

And one piece of each of the following makis for a total of six pieces.




I love sushi! It’s probably my favourite dish ever if you don’t count chocolate and cookies.


Our table of four shared this fried banana and vanilla ice cream for dessert. I had a couple of bites.

Good night!



Anouare Abdou is a freelance journalist from Montreal, Quebec.

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