Getting ready for a beach getaway the lazy way: Day 21 Blog

Guys it’s almost been a month since I started this blogging experiment! I am sorry that this post is low on pictures, I wasn’t able to get pics of my two first meals.

So I will tell you what I noticed so far in terms of my “lazy girl” efforts:

What’s working:

-Exercising more often and adding short cardio sessions to my routine

-Walking everywhere.

-Lifting heavier weights and trying new exercises.

-I am eating less sweets than I used to because I really take the time to ask myself if it’s necessary or if I could do without. So I guess you can say I am more mindful and that works to my advantage when it comes to portion-control too.

-I am eating smaller meals more often and I have increased my protein intake.

-Having smoothies and shakes as snacks or meals is helping me a lot when I am on the go.

-I often stop myself at one glass of wine instead of two.

What could use improvement:

-I dine out every day and I could use more home cooked meals.

-I am not eating enough greens and veggies. I don’t crave them and I really have to make an effort to eat them for the nutrients.

-I still drink wine with my meals on most days.

-My new schedule has overwhelmed me and I have to find a new routine that will help me get more grocery shopping and meal planning done.

Speaking of busy schedules, I started my day bright and early to get to a meeting at 8:15 a.m. I had my unsweetened apple juice and apple cider vinegar mix and rushed out the door. There were danishes, fruit and coffee at the meeting. I had half a chocolate danish and a piece of pineapple but I wasn’t able to take a picture because it was kind of awkward.

To  avoid the temptation of skipping my workout and heading straight for a nap, I brought my workout clothes with me so that I could go straight to the gym after my meeting. I did a lower-body workout:

3 sets of squats (heavy)

3 supersets of sumo squats (light weights and high reps) combined with split squats (light weights and high reps)

3 sets of barbell glute bridges (heavy)

3 sets of the abductor machine

By the way, I only do the machine at the end as a little bonus when my muscles are already fatigued. Doing compound movements (moves that work several muscle groups at the same time such as squats, lunges, push-ups, etc.) will get you further than just using machines because you activate your stabilizing muscles, get your core stronger and you also get that heart rate up to burn more fat.

By the time my workout was done my energy levels were super depleted and that half of a danish was long gone. I honestly felt like I was going to faint. I bought the first thing I could find: An egg and cheese sandwich on an English muffin. I devoured it immediately because I felt really dizzy and lightheaded. Lesson learned! That’s why I usually like to eat something more substantial before exercising.


Five Guys for lunch!! My favourite burger ever. I skipped the cheese since I had cheese in my morning b-fast sandwich. But I did get the normal hamburger instead of the small one (my usual choice, which comes with one meat patty instead of two). I asked for just a bit of mayo, you can always do that when you do feel for mayo but you don’t want your sandwich drenched in it.


The bf and I shared fries, but we barely made a dent in them. I skipped the soft drink selection and had a bottle of water.

This meal kept me full all afternoon and the red meat gave me energy after that almost-fainting episode.

I met my mom for dinner (I think you guys are starting to get the hang of my routine). She is a business owner who works very hard and doesn’t have much time to cook, so we very often catch up over dinner outside. We went to Le Bistro Gourmet,  a little BYOB French bistro downtown. But we had Perrier instead of wine.


I wasn’t too hungry so I ordered a soup and an appetizer.


I had half of the piece of bread with just a tiny bit of butter.


The vegetable cream soup was way too salty. I sent it back. It was a major bloating episode waiting to happen and it wasn’t really enjoyable to my tastebuds.


Oh yeah, they brought these with the bread. I had the two crackers, they were topped with caramelized onions and sauteed leaks. And a bite of the bean salad.


The appetizer I had instead of a meal: Shrimp and scallop in a parsley butter sauce. I had the two shrimps, the scallop, a couple of bites of spinach (behind the lemon) and the whole strawberry. I didn’t touch the mashed potatoes because I had fries for lunch and I had half a piece of bread so I figured I would skip the extra starch.

The restaurant has an amazing chocolate mousse but I decided to pass on dessert. I noticed that the less sweets I eat, the less I crave them and that the more I decide to skip dessert, the easier it gets. Maybe there is hope for my raging sweet tooth. But don’t worry, they will always make an appearance. It is Sweets & Squats, not Kale & Squats 😛

Today was definitely a weird eating day! I apologize in advance for the Five Guys cravings this post will induce.

Good night xox








Anouare Abdou is a freelance journalist from Montreal, Quebec.

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