Getting ready for a beach getaway the lazy way: Day 22 Blog

Happy Friday!

Here is a recap of my eats yesterday. I came home late and went straight to bed. Since my family is in town and it seems to be birthday season, I have a lot of social events and dinners coming up.

Instead of throwing in the towel, I am trying to eat as clean as possible during the day and to get workouts in no matter how busy my schedule is getting. When it comes to any habit, the most important thing is consistency. You can’t just be all-or-nothing. Life is always going to be happening. Just because you have one unhealthy meal doesn’t mean that you have to stuff yourself AND eat unhealthy food for the rest of the day because the day is “ruined” and you’ll start tomorrow. That’s how you gain weight!

I started the day with my unsweetened apple juice and apple cider vinegar mix:


It’s too early to tell if it’s making a difference but my tummy feels flatter and less bloated since I have been having this. It might also be the culmination of all of my lazy-girl tweaks.


Organic hemp waffles with a drizzle of maple syrup and scrambled eggs. My lazy girl effort: I skipped the butter on my waffles, which I usually use.


This smoothie contains unsweetened chocolate almond milk, banana, blueberries and vegan chocolate protein powder.


I went to Burritoville for a late lunch. It’s my favourite vegetarian spot. I always get the sweet potato and black bean burrito on a whole wheat tortilla with spicy salsa. I also love their homemade raspberry lemonade but I decided to skip it today to avoid the extra sugar, knowing dinner tonight would most likely include dessert.



I wasn’t hungry for a snack but I had a plain green tea at some point during the afternoon.

Dinner was at Le Pois Penché again. We are so often there it feels like a second home, and that’s what I like about it. Today I took the time to get dressed-up and put some lipstick on 😛 . I find that the busier I get, the easier it is to not take care of myself as much. For example, by skipping workouts or not caring what my hair looks like.  But I find that it’s so important to keep taking a little bit of time for yourself. Or else you can end up feeling grumpy and burnt out.

I rarely wear make-up (but on the other hand I am obsessed with skincare) so it’s always fun to put on some red lipstick for a change. Instant glamour!


We started with a glass of champagne because we had things to celebrate. You’ll find out soon enough 😉


I also had two glasses of red wine with dinner.


Foie gras for the table. I skipped the brioche and had about one third of one foie gras with a piece of regular French bread.


Duck with brussel sprouts and potatoes for my main meal. I had 3/4 of the meat, all of the brussels sprouts and half of the potatoes.



Yummy desserts to share: Chocolate fondant with vanilla ice cream and white chocolate creme brulee. I had about half of each. Because I paced myself, I left the restaurant feeling comfortably full and not on the brink of exploding.

Eating slowly is very important, I think it takes about 20 minutes for your body to register fullness signals. And it also helps avoiding bloat because you are not chewing fast and getting a bunch of air in your stomach along with your food. And digestion starts with chewing!

So tonight I have a work event and a friend’s birthday dinner so I won’t be home until very late. I will post today’s post on Saturday morning and then a recap of the weekend on Sunday evening.

I hope your week ends on a nice note! Have a great Friday.






Anouare Abdou is a freelance journalist from Montreal, Quebec.

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