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Hey guys!

I attended two birthday parties over the weekend and I feel so bloated from drinking plenty of wine and cocktails. I recently interviewed a fitness competitor and trainer for an article on how to feel less bloated after a weekend of celebrating (it will be published on Sweets & Squats in a near future), how convenient!

It is the last stretch of this challenge and I am planning to avoid alcohol for the rest of the week, except on Thursday because I have a cocktail party to attend.

Friday morning began with a bowl of oats made with unsweetened almond milk and a mashed banana. I added plain non-fat Greek yogurt, cinnamon and honey afterwards.



I snacked on a piece of toast with a fried egg and a bit of butter before the gym. I would usually go for whole wheat bread but the bf prefers white and I made him a sandwich for lunch.

I did a mix of upper and lower-body moves:

3 supersets of Romanian deadlifts combined with hamstring drops (I have been loving the hamstring drops, they are so challenging!)

3 sets of reverse flys

3 sets of cable pulldowns

2 sets of hanging knee raises with twists for my core ( I hate working my abs!! I need to do it more).

I have been really focusing on my back when I do anything that involves the upper-body because I feel like I have been spending so much time on the computer lately that my upper back has been hurting and my posture is affected. It is so important to have good posture and having a strong back and core definitely helps.


Post-gym smoothie. Since I didn’t have lunch and I knew I was probably not going to eat until dinner I went with a filling, high-calorie mix: Unsweetened chocolate almond milk, banana, apple, all-natural peanut butter (I ask for half a serving to save calories) and one scoop of vegan protein powder.

I attended a work event where I ate a few nachos with a pretty bad avocado and shrimp dip and drank a glass of white wine that wasn’t too good either. It kind of ruined my dinner.


I met my friends at Les 400 Coups. I had heard so many good things about the restaurant and it was my first visit. It did not disappoint. I ordered the Bec Sucré cocktail, which was made with tequila and a maple syrup cola. It wasn’t as sweet as its name implies and I ended up having another one.

I had one piece of bread with a bit of butter and skipped the appetizer because I had eaten those nachos beforehand.



It’s too bad the picture is dark and you can’t see much. I had the Gnochetti pasta for my main meal. The pasta is more chewy than Gnocchi, with a texture similar to Cavatelli pasta. It was served with braised beef pieces, red pepper and parmesan. It was tasty but I was only able to eat half. We didn’t order dessert but they brought mini brownies (think the size of a dollar coin) for the table and I had two–I have a second stomach for sweets.

We went out for drinks and dancing and I had another drink and a half (one vodka soda and half a glass of champagne).  I am hoping that the dancing part helped me burn some of it. Wishful thinking.

The next morning I felt a bit bloated already so I decided to start my day with a quick bite and a cardio workout. I did twenty minutes on the elliptical, increasing the intensity every five minutes. It felt good to break a sweat!



Oh and before my workout I had a low-fat cinnamon coffee cake and a coffee from Starbucks. By the way, I enjoy the taste of this cake, I don’t buy it because its lower in fat. Low-fat is not actually healthier because they often replace the missing fat with added sugar.But I was in the mood for it and it felt light enough to allow me to workout immediately after eating.


My body craved vitamins and hydration. I got a smoothie made with cucumber, avocado, pineapple, strawberries and apple juice. Pineapple contains enzymes that help digestion and cucumber has a high water content. The combination made me feel less bloated and more energized.

I attended another work meeting and there were delicious-looking croissants for everyone! It took a lot of willpower not to have one. Because I had the cinnamon cake earlier I didn’t want to have a croissant in the same day. You can have it all, just not all at the same time! And look at these…I am pretty surprised I managed to resist.


I had Subway for lunch: Six inch grilled chicken sandwich on oat and honey bread. I skipped the cheese and the sauce and opted for veggies and avocado as my toppings.


It was ok. Subway works in a pinch but I still find it tastes pretty artificial and is probably not the healthiest and freshest thing around.

I met my family for dinner at Molivos, a Greek restaurant downtown. If you have ever been to Milos, the food is almost as tasty for half the price 🙂

I had a piece of bread dipped in olive oil to start and two glasses of white wine throughout dinner.


We ordered appetizers for the table. I had about a quarter of each plate. Deep fried eggplant and zucchini with Tzatziki and grilled octopus. I forgot to take a picture of the octopus.


And some delicious fresh fish for my main meal. I believe it was red snapper.


I also had a couple of bites of Greek salad and a couple of beans. Probably around five beans.


And a mini bite of a Melomakarono cookie for dessert. I didn’t even eat half of one. I feel like it often only takes a small bite to satisfy my sweet tooth after a meal. That’s why I love sharing!


I went out after and consumed quite a few vodka sodas. I used to drink vodka Redbulls, which is terribly unhealthy. Because I enjoy the taste of the drink I found a compromise: I put a tiny splash of Redbull in each vodka soda to cut down on my consumption of the energy drink.

By the way, a vodka soda is probably the lighter drink out there if you want to stick to something low-cal. But you have to get high-end vodka for it to taste good.


I woke up feeling pretty hungover. I very rarely drink hard liquor and two days in a row having cocktails caught up with me. I was also starving and texted my neighbour and friend to see if she was free for brunch. We went to Le Pois Penché (told you it’s like my second home!)

I had an Earl Gray tea with lemon and honey. And I still have my apple cider vinegar first thing every morning.

The waffles with orange mascarpone sounded very tempting so I convinced my friend to share an order. I hate having to choose between sweet and salty when I go for brunch so I was glad that she agreed.


I hate half. Soooo good. I ordered the lobster eggs Benedict with the sauce on the side.


As usual I only needed to use a very tiny amount of Hollandaise sauce. I had two pieces of potato and all of the fruit.

I snacked on a peanut butter and chocolate Kind bar during the day and it kept me full until dinner.

My boyfriend and I had dinner with my family at Hambar in Old Montreal.

We started by sharing oysters and a big charcuterie platter. I had a piece and a half of bread with a few samples of charcuterie and about six oysters.



But it filled me up and I barely touched my main meal. I ate half of the cod and a few veggies.




And a churro dipped in dark chocolate sauce for dessert. I told you I always have space for sweets!

See you tomorrow!















Anouare Abdou is a freelance journalist from Montreal, Quebec.

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