Getting ready for a beach getaway the lazy way: Day 26 Blog

Good evening.

I had a long day filled with both work and fun. My morning started with a What’s Up Montreal? TV shoot at A/Maze . The Montreal escape game features three different rooms that you have to escape from by finding clues and using logic.

The rooms have different themes and background stories for an immersive playing experience. One of the games revolves around a “prison break” scenario where you have to escape from a holding cell.

Because the background story of that universe is set in the 1920s and includes gangsters, we decided to play with the film noir concept during filming. I played the role of the femme fatale.

Check-out What’s Up Montreal? on Instagram and Facebook if you want to see some pictures of me in femme fatale mode. I am a journalist, not an actress!  It was a lot of fun getting out my comfort zone and impersonating a character.

I left the house in a rush and only had time for apple juice mixed with apple cider vinegar (still having it every morning!) and coffee. The make-up artist saved me by offering me a banana.

I passed by home and gobbled a slice of toast and two scrambled eggs before leaving to the gym in a hurry– I ran around all day today!

image1 (4)

I was on a tight schedule for my workout so I just did something quick.

4 sets of the leg press machine

3 sets of sumo squats

2 sets of ab moves (crunches and leg lifts with reverse crunches)

I moved quickly and got my heart rate up! As a mini workout it hit the spot. I got a small Chop Crazy salad from the food court and ate it in the car. It was a Greek salad with chicken and feta cheese dressing. I don’t crave veggies often so when I do I have to take full advantage!

image2 (3)

The reason I was in a hurry was that I was meeting my sister-in-law for a spa date. My brother,  his wife and two kids are visiting from Europe and I am spending as much time with them as possible in between all of my commitments.

We went to Spa Eastman, where we both enjoyed 60-minute massages and 30-minute naps in the Neurospa napping station.

The Neurospa is like a big cocoon in which you lay down. The lounge chair vibrates soothingly and there are nature and ocean sounds and music to go with the vibrations. It is like heaven and probably the closest thing to being back in your mother’s womb.

I met my boyfriend for dinner at Kinka Izakaya. As I promised to myself I did not have any alcohol with my meal.


Pressed salmon sushi! This is one of my favourite small dishes at Kinka Izakaya. It has a smoky taste and a melt-in-your-mouth texture. I ate half.

image4 (3)

The boyfriend loves the beef ribs and I must admit they are pretty darn delicious and juicy. I only had two pieces.

image5 (1)

And about a third of this Ramen bowl with BBQ pork. It was my first time having Ramen, can you believe it?

image6 (2)

Red bean ice cream for dessert. I ate every last bite. There is something so comforting about the sweet and creamy taste with the chewy bits of bean. Perfect ending to a perfect meal.

Now I am ready to go to bed. My throat started to hurt and I am afraid I am coming down with a cold. Must.Rest.

Good night!!






Anouare Abdou is a freelance journalist from Montreal, Quebec.

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