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Hey lovelies,

Today marks the 30th day since I started this experiment. I am getting ready to leave to Barbados this weekend. I started blogging about my daily eats and workouts to see if making small efforts daily would pay off within a month.  If you have read the first post, then you know that I believe in maintaining a healthy body shape that is comfortable and realistic year-round rather than going through major ups and downs and crash dieting.

Heres is a recap of my eats on Day 29. Stick around because I will show you my before and after pictures towards the end of the post 🙂




My cold has evolved to the stage where I don’t taste or smell anything. I had breakfast with my mom at Eggspectation. I wanted something light so I ordered poached eggs with whole wheat toast and a smoothie made with non-fat Greek yogurt, strawberries, cranberry juice and honey on the side. I ate three out of four pieces of bread.


I had a smoked salmon and cream cheese bagel for lunch. I wasn’t able to taste anything, I just ate it on the go because I needed to eat something. I had orange juice on the side for much-needed Vitamin C.

I was feeling so tired and out of it and I kept blowing my nose and coughing but I had committed to going to an event with one of my good friends, who is also a journalist. It’s funny because she also had a cold. But we had already bought our tickets , so we toughed it out. It was a happy hour and networking fundraising event. I felt pretty awkward taking pictures of everything so I didn’t. I ate about six hors d’oeuvres: Lobster salad in a taco shell and beef and salmon tartare on crackers. I also had a small piece of pecan pie. And three drinks: Two vodka sodas and a rhum and coke.

I know I am bad for drinking while having a cold. But I think the alcohol disinfected my throat or something. I went home and I was able to sleep without coughing! But yeah, I don’t encourage you try it.

So…drumroll…did I get any results through this blogging experiment?

I do look and feel a bit tighter and leaner. I can’t wait to jet off to Barbados and wear all my new bikinis! My small efforts paid off. If I can see a difference within a month without making huge changes, imagine what you can achieve if you make small efforts during a whole year or even two years. The results might come slowly and not be dramatic. But the advantage is that they will stick!



Of course I wasn’t expecting anything drastic as I did not do anything drastic. But it just goes to show that there is no need to have an all-or-nothing approach to notice a difference. No dieting for this girl! Ever!

I was happy with my shape before and even though there is not a huge difference I feel less bloated and more bikini-ready.

My realistic body shape might be different from yours because we are all made differently and have different frames, eating habits and activity levels. The important thing is to be healthy physically but also mentally. To care about what you are putting in your body so that you get the nutrients it needs to function optimally and to stay active consistently so your heart, muscles and bones can be strong! But also to be in a good place mentally. If you are eating super clean but you feel miserable and guilty every time you “cheat” or if you are obsessed with getting leaner and skinnier and never feel good enough even though you are in good shape,  then I don’t think you are in a balanced place.  I think health is not only how you look on the outside but how you feel with yourself too. It’s about being happy!

For some people, finding a realistic balance might consist of eating 80 percent clean and 20 percent treats. And that’s fine and even ideal if you are able to maintain that lifestyle without stress or guilt or a negative impact on your social life. As you may have noticed, my ideal equation is closer to 60/40. But I am ok with it because I love eating for pleasure, I love wine and bread and going out to dinners. I stay active and I love myself and it shows that I am in good shape when I go through my medical check-ups. I might not have a six-pack, but I am at peace with that since it is not a priority at this point of my life.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to improve your eating and exercising habits. Through this challenge, I noticed where I could make improvements without doing anything extreme.  I dine out too much, I could have less wine (and carbs in general) and I could eat more veggies. Those are not huge drastic changes but they are things that I want to work on improving.

I won’t be blogging every single day in this format anymore but I will keep posting about my experience when it comes to different health-related topics. Wherever you are, I am wishing you awesome weather while I am gone 😀

Thank you so much for reading, I am thankful for the support! It makes me feel vulnerable to put myself out there like that so I really appreciate your readership, comments and feedback and I hope that you will keep visiting Sweets & Squats regularly.







Anouare Abdou is a freelance journalist from Montreal, Quebec.

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