MissFresh: Healthy Meals Delivered To Your Door Eat Well

Do you ever get off from work or school and feel too tired to go grocery shopping, but feel like eating something healthy?

MissFresh is the home delivery service you need. Founded in 2015 by Ritter Huang, Marie-Ève Prevost and Bernard Prevost, the service delivers fresh ingredients and recipes to your doorstep. The goal of MissFresh is to inspire people to lead healthier lifestyles by preparing healthy and easy meals at home, instead of eating out or ordering take-out.

Every week, you receive all of the quality ingredients you need to make three unique meals. The products come in a large box with a well-insulated liner to keep items fresh. Ingredients conserve well for a few days if you aren’t able to cook the meals right away, like in my case. Meats and fish are vacuum sealed and can be frozen anytime. Each portion comes with the exact amount of ingredients to make the meals and avoid any waste.

How does it work?

First, you want to create an account at MissFresh and schedule your preferred box option. You can select a box for two or for a family and prices vary depending on your selection. You can choose to have it delivered at your home or office in the morning, afternoon or evening. Place your first order by Monday of the current week before midnight for delivery the following week. You can modify your order by the same deadline and are notified by email of the upcoming menus.

Why should I try MissFresh?

You’re feeling uninspired or don’t feel like doing groceries. You get to discover new, simple and quick recipes. They are easy to follow and include detailed nutritional facts. Finally, you are reducing food waste by getting the exact portions for every meal.

Box options:

Vegetarian Box: vegetarian recipes – Starts at $8.49 per portion.

Chef Box: vegetarian, meat and fish recipes – Starts at $7.99 per portion.

Custom Box: selection of your preferred recipes among everything – Starts at $7.75 per portion.

I tested out MissFresh and selected the Chef Box option. I got the kale, sweet potato, caramelized onions and black bean wraps as the vegetarian meal. It was my favourite recipe and the easiest to prepare.

Sweet potato and kale wrap ingredients.

Sweet potato and kale wrap ingredients.


Sweet potato and kale wrap.

I especially liked the combination of flavours. I felt the two other recipes were less filling, but still nice.

The fish recipe was a kale and white fish salad. Side note: I’m not much of a fish person but was pleasantly surprised and enjoyed the salad quite a bit.


Kale and white fish salad.

Finally the meat meal was Vietnamese pork chops. The chopped cabbage was starting to lose some colour after a week but still tasted good as a side salad.

Vietnamese pork chops.

Vietnamese pork chops.


Unfortunately, I received the first box on a busy week and cooked my meals a few days apart but most of the ingredients were still fresh. It says that most things can be ready in 30 minutes, but it took me closer to 45 minutes for the fish and meat recipes. All the ingredients are provided, except for basics such as salt, pepper and olive oil which you should already have stocked in your pantry. Overall, it was a fun experience that made me want to cook more.



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