Muthins: Guilt-Free And Healthy Snacking Eat Well

No time to sit down for breakfast? Looking for an on-the-go snack? Muthins are low-calorie, nutritious muffins that can be enjoyed alone or as a base for a spread of peanut butter, cream cheese or jam.

Muthins is changing the way we think about baked goods. The Montreal-based all-natural muffins line offers healthy and delicious alternatives to your average granola bars and trail mix blends.

Ali Beloff took over the family business in 2012 when she revamped her mother’s recipe, and has been working hard to promote healthy snacking ever since.


Ali Beloff (left) and her team on location at the Muthins baking facility in Montreal.

“Apart from many other healthy snacks that have appealing attributes such as low calorie, low sugar, high fibre and high protein, Muthins are baked goods,” says Beloff.

“There are tons of granola bars, health bars, nuts and dried fruit variations on the market. It’s not as common to find muffins that carry the same strength in nutritional content.”

Muthins currently offers the “originals” fibre line and the gluten-free line. The originals contain no added sugar, artificial flavours or preservatives and each variety is less than 120 calories. Flavours include carrot, raisin, banana, chocolate chip, lemon poppy seed and that is just to name a few. Seasonal flavours are also available; no surprise that pumpkin spice is in the spotlight this Fall.

The gluten free varieties are diary-free, nut-free, soy-free and sugar free and are made with quinoa flour and coconut flour. Flavours include mixed berry, coco-moka and apple-cinnamon.

We asked Beloff to describe what it’s like to take a bite out of a Muthin.

“Heavenly and guilt-free. The Muthins are moist and rich in texture. If you are used to very sweet foods, your taste buds may take getting used to the natural sugars from Muthins.”

Muthins caters to different dietary restrictions and sensitivities.

Muthins caters to different dietary restrictions and sensitivities.

Muthins are available all over Quebec and in several locations across Montreal, and the company is beginning to cross the border into Ontario.

“Our plan is to master the Canadian market first, ensuring that all communities can join our snacking revolution with easy access to a Muthin close by,” says Beloff.

No time to shop? You can also place a quick order online.

After mastering alternatives to their original Muthins recipes, Beloff says they are planning on exploring other guilt-free and desert-like options like loaves and brownies.

“We believe that all baked goods can be healthy and nutritional without sacrificing quality and taste.”

As the company’s founder and CEO, Beloff admits that her job can be stressful at times but that it is more importantly a rewarding experience.

“Knowing that Muthins is helping and impacting people to live a healthier lifestyle—there is nothing better!”




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