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Photo courtesy of Flickr/Pen Waggener Eat Well

Pre-workout meals keep your energy and focus up and high during training – but failing to fuel up after a bout of physical activity can literally shatter all your gym work to bits. Post-workout snacks serve several purposes: In the anabolic stage, adequate body fuel promotes muscle glycogen replenishment, enhances overall recovery, reduces muscle protein breakdown, keeps cortisol levels in check, and prevents muscle soreness....

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Must-have gym bag goodies from Comptoir Urbain, located in NDG. The (Photo by Marie-Josée Kelly) Look Good

We all deserve to be pampered, especially after a good workout. The right post-exercise self-care routine will keep you feeling happy and looking good before, during and after. Choosing the right products will make your sweat session worthwhile. Comptoir Urbain, a new organic and cruelty-free cosmetics shop located in NDG, offers a handpicked selection of beauty essentials that will leave you feeling fresh.   Pure...

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