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Muthins: Guilt-Free And Healthy Snacking Eat Well

No time to sit down for breakfast? Looking for an on-the-go snack? Muthins are low-calorie, nutritious muffins that can be enjoyed alone or as a base for a spread of peanut butter, cream cheese or jam. Muthins is changing the way we think about baked goods. The Montreal-based all-natural muffins line offers healthy and delicious alternatives to your average granola bars and trail mix blends. Ali Beloff...

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MissFresh: Healthy Meals Delivered To Your Door Eat Well

Do you ever get off from work or school and feel too tired to go grocery shopping, but feel like eating something healthy? MissFresh is the home delivery service you need. Founded in 2015 by Ritter Huang, Marie-Ève Prevost and Bernard Prevost, the service delivers fresh ingredients and recipes to your doorstep. The goal of MissFresh is to inspire people to lead healthier lifestyles by preparing healthy and easy meals...

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(photo by Guillaum Gibault) Eat Well

“We want to show what veganism is but in an informal and festive setting,” says Élise Desaulniers of the Montreal Vegan Festival, taking place on November 7. Élise, author of Cash Cow: Ten Myths about the Dairy Industry, is one of the co-founders of the festival. There are similar events in other big cities around the world: The Toronto vegan fest has been active for nearly 20...

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