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Is the holiday season driving you a bit crazy? There is only so much gift shopping and party hopping that a girl can take. One of the most common pieces of advice found in holiday survival articles is to exercise. In theory, this is great advice: Exercising during this busy and indulgent time of the year will help you maintain your weight and sanity. But in practice, ‘tis the season to skip workouts.

LIFT Session, an online personal training platform, can help you stick to your workout routine when life gets hectic. Download the app on your iPad or computer. Sign-up for a free session with a fitness concierge who will evaluate your needs and match you with a trainer. Whether you want to practice yoga or you are a runner, LIFT Session works with trainers of all types. This first evaluation also includes a workout session.


Once you are all set-up, you can schedule appointments with your trainer at anytime of the day and connect with him or her for a customized training session in the comfort of your living room. It’s like Skyping with your trainer but better. The platform includes visual tools such as video demonstrations and a timer for each exercise. Your trainer guides you by drawing on the screen to illustrate his cues.

But can a virtual personal training session give you the same benefits as an in-person workout? As someone who likes to lift weights, I was curious to see if I would feel the burn without using any equipment. While bodyweight workouts are an important aspect of the training platform, the trainers also build your workouts around the type of equipment you have at home (in my case, none).

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My workout started with a warm-up that included some cardio and muscle activation moves (think jogging in place and doing walking glute bridges). I then completed two circuits of three exercises for a total of three rounds. The functional movements were meant to target every part of my body while keeping my heart rate up for a short and efficient interval-training workout. I did push-ups, reverse lunges, plank variations and plyometric moves. There was a lot of huffing and puffing and complaining involved. There were burpees. I gave my trainer my signature death stare.

I finished the workout with a core training section that included toe touches, a V-Sit hold and planks. It was a 30-minute session but I felt spent at the end of it. I have worked with several personal trainers in a gym setting and I was surprised at how similar the experience was through a screen. I pushed myself harder than if I were by myself (just like I always do when there is someone forcing me).

I would recommend LIFT Session to young professionals with busy schedules (just login before work and jump in the shower after), people on the go (you can do this in your hotel room) and new moms (exercise while the baby naps). The mission of the brand is to bridge the gap between the desire to exercise and actually exercising.

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The prices are comparable to having a gym membership ($79 to $299 per month for bundles that include 1-on-1 training as well as programs to do on your own) and competitive in terms of what personal training usually costs: A single session is $44.

LIFT Session has a special offer for Sweets & Squats readers. After you sign-up for your free evaluation and training session, receive an additional two free sessions when you purchase a package of any size. All you have to do is enter the promo code GIFT2015.

Happy training!

For more information visit liftsession.com

Anouare Abdou is a freelance journalist from Montreal, Quebec.

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